Relais & Châteaux

At the end of 2009 the Otočec Castle was inducted into Relais & Chateaux, a prestige association of hotels and restaurants, whose members are united in and bound by the commitment to the association’s basic principle embodied in five C’s: Courtoisie (courtesy), Charme (charm), Charactere (character), Calme (calm) and Cuisine (exquisite cuisine). The exclusive location of the Otočec Castle Hotel was only one of the numerous features that helped us gain membership.


Among the best

  • As a member of the prominent association of the finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs from more than 50 countries worldwide, the Otočec Castle Hotel is one the most exquisite hotels in the world according to the association’s standard for excellence in hospitality. Relais & Châteaux has redefined luxury hospitality by emphasising holistic experiences that transport its guests, taking them on a sensual journey and introducing them to a deeper, truer understanding of the Art of Living. Membership in such an association is a great acknowledgment for our hotel, and as such it guarantees our guests topmost services. Relais & Châteaux is a world in and of itself, unlike any other. A warm, welcoming, gourmet affair awaits where outstanding quality is coupled with each individual property’s passion for their own region and its terroir.

Passion and dedication

  • The story of Relais & Châteaux begins in 1941 when two former music hall entertainers, Marcel and Nelly Tilloy purchased “La Cardinale”, an estate in the Rhône Valley. In 1952, the Tilloys began recruiting other hoteliers and restaurant owners that shared the same level of quality and excellence and passion for fine cuisine and Art de Vivre. In 1954, this group of kindred spirits merged together to create Relais & Châteaux. In the beginning, there were only eight establishments along the road between Paris and the French Riviera that wanted to showcase impeccable hospitality with all the modern conveniences. Today, there are more than 520 members joined by the passion and dedication to working with guests who want something more than just ordinary hotel accommodation.

Boutique accommodation – mansions, castles, lodges ...

  • Members of the association are romantic castles, countryside mansions, accommodation facilities in exotic and remote places, ski resorts, lodges and also modern facilities – what is important is their unique character and charm and the fact that they are not too big – a Relais & Châteaux Hotel usually has 30 rooms.

    A third of the members, who are part of the association at the present time, comes from France, a third comes from other European countries and a third from other parts of the world.

Unique, worldwide

  • members - unique hotels and restaurants all over the world – while at the same time respecting the heritage and spirit of each member. The organization annually publishes a guidebook with a description of each its member, which is well appreciated and sought among the connoisseurs.

    The motto of the association says it all: 'ALL AROUND THE WORLD, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD'

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