Water and food

Many people are used to drinking tap water in Slovenia, as it is clean and uncontaminated. The food available on the Slovenian market is produced without any GMOs. Organic food is available.

Tap water or bottled water?

  • Bars and restaurants often serve tap water, for instance alongside coffee. In recent years many establishments have ceased to do so, offering bottled water instead, but this is no reflection of the quality of the water. Unless the waiter tells you what kind of water is being served, it is best to ask. Water in plastic bottles is always available. During the hot summer days there are numerous drinking fountains available in major Slovene cities and towns.

Organic, healthy and natural

  • Most of the food on sale in Slovenia is produced on farms in the country. Organic farming is becoming increasingly widespread.

    The origin of all food products sold in Slovenia is marked on the packaging.

    Bars and restaurants that offer food must satisfy strict hygiene standards during preparation, and there is thus no cause for concern over contamination. Cases of food poisoning are very rare.

Dining healthy food... for a better wellbeing

  • Dishes served to our guests at Terme Krka combine two worlds of flavours - the world of traditional food and the world of light wellness food prepared in accordance with the latest healthy food trends.

    The wide range of high-quality dishes at our restaurants is made of produce of local origin with the certificate of organic or integrated production. Our offer can be customized to meet our guests’ needs, wishes and eating habits.