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Castle Otočec Hotel

“Excellent Stay! Unqiue Experience”

  • Author: redstone1365 (philippines) 
    Rate: 5/5

    We were very fortunate to booked Otocec Castle for six nights last spring. Our family of five were billeted into 2 rooms. My children were in junior suite while my husband and I were upgraded to the Presidential suite!!! Mh oh my! What a room! It was elegantly furnished in a very royalty fashion and equipped with modern amenities. Needless to say it was very spacious with separate areas for dining,office and a large receiving room. I thought I was dreaming! We had a nice view of the courtyard and the lake. We had all our breakfasts there,served buffet style. Selections were fresh and of good quality. You can also order hot dishes like omelettes and sauteed mushrooms which were really tasty. We had several dinners there too and I had the most exquisite foie gras which I don't normally enjoy. But what really sets this fabulous castle hotel apart from other relaix and chateau properties we've experienced in the past was the service par excellance! I would like to commend the staff and most especially Sasa that made our stay the best we've ever had. Very accomodating,friendly and genuinely thoughtful with their guests no matter which country you came from. In one of the evenings during our stay, we couldn't find one of my daughters who just went feeding the ducks by the lake. Come dinner time,we looked for her everywhere and and she's nowhere to be found. I was hysterical thinking of all the possible scenarios. The staff (waiters,reception personnel etc) went out to look for her,while my husband and the manager wre coordinating with the police. Even hotel guests from different parts of the world tried to help. It was a huge property by the lake so you could just imagine how scared and horrified we were. Thank God,a hotel guest finally found her farther down the hotel vicinity. I saw how each and everyone did their best to help me find my daughter and calmed me down because I was at the point of collapse. We celebrated that night with a very nice dinner and a very good wine. Slovenia is a very beautiful country with beautiful people. Otocec Castle would always be a place we would always dream to come back to. It's not a royalty themed hotel, it is royalty in every sense. Kudos to the staff! 

"The service and scenery are exquisit"

  • Author: Peca R
    Rate: 5/5

    Settled on the banks of river Krka, lies a beautifull small medieval castle turned into a luxury hotel. The service and scenery are exquisit! Enjoy the walk along side the river bank or through the forest. Highway is near enough as well is the city of Novo Mesto.
    Great place for a few days rest. 

"Perfect dinner. Beautiful atmosphere."

  • Author: DimarzoG (Province of Benevento, Italy)
    Rate: 5/5

    We had dinner at the Castle Otocec 1 January. The location is' very impressive, the staff courteous and professional. Live music with a talented pianist. Exquisite food and attention to detail. Advised.

“Dining in Style!”

  • Author: PB-EB-HK
    Rate 5/5

    Superb food, complemented by fine local wine and enjoyed in the unique surroundings of Grad Otocec... Simply added to a truly memorable stay! Visited December 2015

"Do not miss ... at least once"

  • Author: Booby71 (Milan, Italy)
    Rate: 4/5

    Spectacular location, a castle entirely surrounded by water and a large park with swans and ducks of all kinds, we have often seen the little Anatrini newly born who followed her mother. Elegance of the dining room overlooking the park and impeccable service, 5 stars, as well as of course COST. The rest of the chain Relaix and Chateaux in the world offers top solutions with a price consistent ... some other Slovenian restaurants you can eat well at a very much more accessible, but choose to come here means treat yourself to something more than a simple dinner, a magical evening, outside of time and some even from the usual budget. However the wine list is spectacular and the food is excellent, although we going now for 7 years we really got tired of a menu that does not change practically never.