In Slovenia there is no danger of contracting any dangerous diseases, so no special vaccination requirements are made for travelling here. Vaccination against tetanus is recommended, but not essential.


  • For smaller ailments such as colds, headaches, high temperatures or insect bites, you can get medication without prescription at pharmacies (lekarna). There are pharmacies in the majority of Slovenian towns, and cities offer duty pharmacies open 24 hours a day.

Health centres

  • Healthcare is very well spread across Slovenia. Practically every Slovenian town has a health centre, and villages have individual clinics. Every Slovenian town and village is served by emergency medical assistance, by helicopter if necessary.

Health insurance

  • Citizens of European Union member states can come to Slovenia with a European health insurance card. This card can also be obtained by citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The card ensures the same access to public health services, i.e. to doctors and pharmacies, as Slovenian citizens. If you do have to pay for health services in Slovenia, you will be reimbursed immediately upon your return home.

    The European health insurance card ensures for you all the necessary medical care to allow you to continue your stay in Slovenia. The card does not cover medical services from private providers. A special agreement is in place for Croatian citizens, who can obtain health services in Slovenia with their health cards.

    For citizens of all other countries, it is best before travelling to Slovenia to take out international travel insurance. This is also recommended for citizens of the above-mentioned countries.

    For more detailed information on using health services, go to the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.


  • Remember the number 112. This is the Dispatch Centre that deals with emergencies and where necessary sends out ambulances and emergency medical assistance.

Take care in nature

  • When you are in the forest or by water you should watch out for ticks. We recommend that you use an appropriate repellent, and when you get back from the forest check yourself thoroughly and remove any possible ticks in good time. In the summer, near water surfaces mosquitoes can be a nuisance.