Accessible tourism

Accessible tourism includes tourism for physically and sensory impaired persons, persons with intellectual and mental impairments, those who travel with children in baby carriages, elderly persons and others who find tourism difficult due to other health reasons (diabetes, allergies, etc.).

With movement-impaired people in mind

  • Around Slovenia, accessibility for people with disabilities has markedly increased in recent years. It should be pointed out that in that time all public buildings and other large commercial and tourist structures have been constructed with movement-impaired people in mind.

    A longer-term process is converting access at existing structures, but here too, considerable progress is evident.

Disabled parking spaces and disabled-friendly pavements

  • All public buildings and tourist facilities that have not yet arranged disabled access generally have at least some disabled parking spaces reserved at their entrances. These buildings also generally provide good disabled toilet facilities. Numerous Slovenian towns have made more disabled-friendly pavements. There are increasing numbers of cash machines at lower levels and those equipped with Braille for the blind and partially sighted.